Volume 5, Issue 1

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Review Article

Are antioxidants helpful for disease prevention? PDF XML
V Hajhashemi, G Vaseghi, M Pourfarzam, A Abdollahi Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of some 2-amino-4-aryl-3-cyano-7-(dimethylamino)-4H-chromenes PDF XML
M Vosooghi, S Rajabalian, M Sorkhi, M Badinloo, M Nakhjiri, AS Negahbani, A Asadipour, M Mahdavi, A Shafiee, A Foroumadi Pages: 9-14
Mutating Asn-666 to Glu in the O-helix region of the taq DNA polymerase gene PDF XML
H Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, R Rajaei, F Moazen, M Rabbani, A Jafarian-Dehkordi Pages: 15-19
Evaluation of the effects of galbanic acid from Ferula szowitsiana and conferol from F. badrakema, as modulators of multi-drug resistance in clinical isolates of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus PDF XML
BS Fazly Bazzaz, M Iranshahi, M Naderinasab, S Hajian, Z Sabeti, E Masumi Pages: 21-28
Development of theophylline floating microballoons using cellulose acetate butyrate and/or Eudragit RL 100 polymers with different permeability characteristics PDF XML
M jelvehgari, M Maghsoodi, H Nemati Pages: 29-39
Influence of Murraya koenigii on experimental model of diabetes and progression of neuropathic pain PDF XML
S V Tembhurne, D M Sakarkar Pages: 41-47
Preparation and characterization of solid dispersions of carvedilol with PVP K30 PDF XML
A Sharma, C P Jain Pages: 49-56
Polarographic determination of certain cephalosporins in pharmaceutical preparations PDF XML
A R Guru Prasad, VS Rao Pages: 57-63

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