Volume 3, Issue 2

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Fabrication and evaluation of levofloxacin hemihydrate floating tablet PDF XML
VT Thakkar, PA Shah, TG Soni, MY Parmar, MC Gohel, TR Gandhi Pages: 1-8
Relaxant effect of four fractions separated from alkaloid extract of Pycnocycla spinosa on rat isolated ileum PDF XML
H Sadraei, G Asghari, M Khazae Pages: 9-14
Anti-ulcerogenic effect of ginger (rhizome of Zingiber officinale Roscoe) hydroalcoholic extract on acetic acid-induced acute colitis in rats PDF XML
M Minaiyan, A Ghannadi, P Mahzouni, M Nabi-Meibodi Pages: 15-22
Synthesis and the combination effects of dihydropyridine analogs with selected antibiotics against resistant Staphylococcus aureus PDF XML
T Akbarzadeh, S Motagian, A Fallah Tafti, A Shafiee, AR Shahverdi Pages: 23-29
Preparation and in vitro characterization of tretinoin-containing microspheres suited for dermatological preparations PDF XML
M Tabbakhian, A Sharifian, MA Shatalebi Pages: 31-40
A bioconversion process using a novel isolated strain of Pseudomonas sp. ISPC2 to produce natural vanillin from isoeugenol PDF XML
M Ashengroph, I Nahvi, H Zarkesh-Esfahani Pages: 41-47
The cytotoxic effects of cadmium chloride on the human lung carcinoma (Calu-6) cell line PDF XML
M Panjehpour, M Bayesteh Pages: 49-53
Assessment of fluoride content and daily intake from different brands of tea bags in Iran PDF XML
M Amanlou, F Nabati, H Azizian, H Farsam Pages: 55-59

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