Volume 2, Issue 2

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Medical applications of aptamers PDF XML
S Vallian, M Khazaei Pages: 59-66
Formulation and in-vitro characterization of extended release pellets of indomethacin using powder-layering technique PDF XML
S Eskandari, J Varshosaz, G Akhavanfarid, G Hafizi Pages: 67-75
The effects of spironolactone on morphine withdrawal induced memory loss by the object recognition task method in mice PDF XML
A Mesripour, V Hajhashemi, M Rabbani Pages: 77-84
Synthesis and antihypertensive activity of novel 4-[1-(4-X-benzyl)-5-imidazolyl] dihydropyridines in rat PDF XML
F Hadizadeh, Z Fatehi-Hassanabad, M Fatehi-Hassanabad, A Beheshtizadeh, F Nabati Pages: 85-90
Evaluation of the anxiolytic effect of Echium amoenum petals extract, during chronic treatment in rat PDF XML
S Gholamzadeh, S Zare, M Ilkhanipoor Pages: 91-95
Effects of lisinopril, captopril and losartan alone or in combination with morphine in light tail flick analgesic test PDF XML
V Hajhashemi, H Zeinvand Pages: 97-101
Preliminary MLR studies of antimicrobial activity of some 3-hydroxypyridine-4-one and 3-hydroxypyran-4-one derivatives PDF XML
R Sabet, A Fassihi, B Moeinifard Pages: 103-112
The effect of nisin on biofilm forming foodborne bacteria using microtiter plate method PDF XML
M Mahdavi, M Jalali, R Kasra Kermanshahi Pages: 113-118

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