Vol 11, No 3 (2016)

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Original Article

Inhibition of P-glycoprotein expression and function by anti-diabetic drugs gliclazide, metformin, and pioglitazone in vitro and in situ PDF XML
Mehran Mesgari Abbasi, Hadi Valizadeh, Hamed Hamishehkar, Parvin Zakeri-Milani Pages: 177-186
Theoretical design of a new chimeric protein for the treatment of breast cancer PDF XML
Meysam Soleimani, Karim Mahnam, Hamid Mirmohammad-Sadeghi, Hojjat Sadeghi-Aliabadi, Ali Jahanian-Najafabadi Pages: 187-199
Antidiarrhoeal assessment of hydroalcoholic and hexane extracts of Dracocephalum kotschyi Boiss. and apigenin in mice PDF XML
Hassan Sadraei, Gholamreza Asghari, Farzaneh Shahverdi Pages: 200-209
Synthesis and cytotoxicity evaluation of some new 6-nitro derivatives of thiazole-containing 4-(3H)-quinazolinone PDF XML
Leila Hosseinzadeh, Alireza Aliabadi, Masoud Kalantari, Abolfazl Mostafavi, Marzieh Rahmani Khajouei Pages: 210-218
Wound-healing and antimicrobial properties of dichloromethane fraction of Dialium guineense (Wild) fruit coat PDF XML
Nnadi Charles Okeke, Udeani Theophilus KC, Ugwu Linus Onyebuchi Pages: 219-226
Effect of hydroalcoholic extract of Anethum graveolens leaves on the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus in the epileptic mice: a histopathological and immunohistochemical study PDF XML
Rahim Golmohammadi, Fatemeh Sabaghzadeh, Mohammad Shafi Mojadadi Pages: 227-232
Incidence rate and pattern of clinically relevant potential drug-drug interactions in a large outpatient population of a developing country PDF XML
Ehsan Nabovati, Hasan Vakili-Arki, Zhila Taherzadeh, Mohammad Reza Saberi, Ameen Abu-Hanna, Saeid Eslami Pages: 233-242
Phytochemical and biological evaluation of some Sargassum species from Persian Gulf PDF XML
Negin Mehdinezhad, Alireza Ghannadi, Afsaneh Yegdaneh Pages: 243-249
Identification of novel bacterial DNA gyrase inhibitors: An in silico study PDF XML
Hamzeh Rahimi, Ali Najafi, Habib Eslami, Babak Negahdari, Mehrdad Moosazadeh Moghaddam Pages: 250-258

Short Communication

Frequency distribution of polymorphisms of CYP2C19, CYP2C9, VKORC1 and SLCO1B1 genes in the Yakut population PDF XML
Filipp Filippovich Vasilyev, Diana Aleksandrovna Danilova, Vladimir Sergeevich Kaimonov, Yana Valerievna Chertovskih, Nadezda Romanovna Maksimova Pages: 259-264

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