Vol 9, No 5 (2014)


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Preparation, characterization and optimization of glipizide controlled release nanoparticles PDF XML
J Emami, MS Shetab Boushehri, J Varshosaz Pages: 301-314
Antinociceptive effect of clavulanic acid and its preventive activity against development of morphine tolerance and dependence in animal models PDF XML
V Hajhashemi, Kh Dehdashti Pages: 315-321
Caffeic acid derivatives from Bupleurum chinense PDF XML
G Haghi, A Hatami, M Mehran, H Hosseini Pages: 323-330
Acute effect of cholecystokinin on short-term synaptic plasticity in the rat hippocampus PDF XML
L Kamali Dolatabadi, P Reisi Pages: 331-336
Dissolution enhancement of glibenclamide by solid dispersion: solvent evaporation versus a supercritical fluid-based solvent -antisolvent technique PDF XML
M Tabbakhian, F Hasanzadeh, N Tavakoli, Z Jamshidian Pages: 337-350
The effects of aqueous extract of Boswellia Serrata on hippocampal region CA1 and learning deficit in kindled rats PDF XML
C Jalili, MR Salahshoor, A Pourmotabbed, S Moradi, SH Roshankhah, A Shabaniz Pages: 351-358
Antioxidant activity and safety assessment of Tragopogon buphthalmoides hydroethanolic extract: Acute and subchronic toxicities PDF XML
M Mojarrab, A Khan Mohammadi, L Hosseinzadeh, Z Minoosh Siavash-Haghighi Pages: 359-366
Molecular aspect on the interaction of zinc-ofloxacin complex with deoxyribonucleic acid, proposed model for binding and cytotoxicity evaluation PDF XML
F Ahmadi, N Ebrahimi-Dishabi, K Mansouri, F Salimi Pages: 367-383

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