Vol 9, No 1 (2014)


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Micellar stabilized single-walled carbon nanotubes for a pH-sensitive delivery of doxorubicin PDF XML
F Farvadi, AM Tamaddon, SS Abolmaali, Z Sobhani, GH Yousefi Pages: 1-10
In vitro antidiabetic potential of the fruits of Crataegus pinnatifida PDF XML
SS Chowdhury, MN Islam, HA Jung, JS Choi Pages: 11-22
Radioprotective effect of sulphydryl group containing triazole derivative to modulate the radiation- induced clastogenic effects PDF XML
LN Madhu, NS Kumari Pages: 23-29
Analysis of phenolic compounds in Matricaria chamomilla and its extracts by UPLC-UV PDF XML
G Haghi, A Hatami, A Safaei, M Mehran Pages: 31-37
Evaluation of Calendula mucilage as a mucoadhesive and controlled release component in buccal tablets PDF XML
V Sabale, V Patel, A Paranjape Pages: 39-48
Salinity alters curcumin, essential oil and chlorophyll of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) PDF XML
A Mostajeran, A Gholaminejad, G Asghari Pages: 49-57
In vivo pharmacological profile of substituted (3-pyridyl)-2-phenylisoxazolidine analogues of nicotine as novel antinociceptives PDF XML
N Sethi, R Bhatti, MPS Ishar Pages: 59-67
Design of a novel metal binding peptide by molecular dynamics simulation to sequester Cu and Zn ions PDF XML
K Mahnam, B Saffar, M Mobini-Dehkordi, A Fassihi, A Mohammadi Pages: 69-82

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