Cytotoxic effect of Convolvulus arvensis extracts on human cancerous cell line

H Sadeghi-aliabadi, N Ghasemi, M Kohi


It has been reported that several members of Convolvulaceae family such as Convolvulus arvensis possess cytotoxic activity on some tumor cell lines. Proteoglycan mixture, the water extract of C. arvensis with high molecular weight, has potent anti-angiogenesis and stimulating effects. In this study, arial parts of C. arvensis were collected and identified, and the cytotoxic effects of chloroform, ethylacetate and hydroalcoholic extracts on human tumor cell line (Hela) were determined. Different concentrations of the extracts were added to the cultured cells and incubated for 72 h. Cell survival was evaluated using MTT assay. The chloroform extract of C. arvensis at tested concentrations showed a comparable cytotoxic effect to taxol against Hela cell (15 vs. 12 µg/ml). In conclusion, the higher cytotoxic activity seen with chloroform extract may be related to the presence of lipophilic glycosides as non-polar compounds extracted by chloroform.


Convolvulus arvensis; Proteoglycan mixture; Hela; MTT assay

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