Synthesis and evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of (Z)-4-(2-oxoindolin-3-ylideneamino)-N-phenylbenzamide derivatives in mice

Marzieh Rahmani Khajouei, Ahmad Mohammadi-Farani, Aref Moradi, Alireza Aliabadi


Due to resistance of some epileptic patients to the current medications and the general incidence of severe side effects of these drugs, development and discovery of novel antiepileptic drugs is crucial. Isatin-based derivatives are promising compounds as antiepileptic agents. In this study a new series of isatin-containing derivatives were synthesized via the imine formation between isatin and p-aminobenzoic acid. Subsequently, the obtained acidic compound was utilized to prepare the final amidic derivatives (4a-4l) through the reaction with various aniline derivatives. Then, their anti-seizure activity was investigated using maximal electroshock seizure (MES) as well as pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) models in mice. Neurotoxicity of target compounds was also determined by rotarod test. Tested isatin-based derivatives exhibited a favorable protection in both MES and PTZ procedures with high safety levels in neurotoxicity test. The introduced derivatives have demonstrated remarkable activity in mice and could be suggested as potential anticonvulsant lead compounds. All methoxylated derivatives (4j, 4k, 4l) showed a significant anti-seizure activity in MES model. Compounds 4j (2-OCH3) and 4l (4-OCH3) also demonstrated a potent anti-seizure activity against PTZ. Compound 4k (m-OCH3) did not induce protection towards PTZ-induced convulsion. 


Synthesis; Isatin; Anticonvulsant; PTZ; MES.

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